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3 requirements for storing linear ball bearings

wallpapers Low Carbon 2020-09-28
1. Storage location requirements
Bearings are usually stored in warehouses. Nevertheless, the relative humidity in the warehouse does not exceed 60%, the room temperature is about 25 degrees, and the temperature difference cannot be too large. In addition, it is best not to place corrosive items in the warehouse, such as acids, alkalis, salts, chemical raw materials and large amounts of water. The storage place should avoid direct sunlight, in a well-ventilated and clean environment.
2. Storage requirements
Different linear ball bearing products have different storage methods, and incorrect use will also have an adverse effect on the bearing. Small bearings are best placed on a shelf about 30 cm above the ground. Large rolling bearings cannot be placed vertically. Due to the uneven force, the bearing will be permanently deformed.
3. Requirements before storage
Before storing linear ball bearings, you must check whether the outer packaging is intact. If the bearing is damaged before storage, even if the storage conditions are correct, problems will occur and the quality of the linear ball bearing will be affected. Once the outsourcing is found to be incomplete, it should be repackaged immediately.

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