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Application of Aerogel in the Battery Field

wallpapers Industry 2020-08-26

Lithium-ion batteries are currently the most widely used in the battery industry. From mobile phones, computers, and iPads in the home appliance market, to new energy vehicles and cruise ships in the power field, to thermal batteries used in weapons and equipment, lithium-ion batteries are nowhere to be seen. Everywhere. However, lithium-ion batteries have unavoidable safety problems due to their structural characteristics and the properties of the material used. For example, the strength and thermal stability of the separator between the positive and negative electrodes of a lithium-ion battery are not ideal, which can easily lead to a short circuit inside the battery; at higher temperatures, a robust exothermic reaction inside the battery will cause the temperature and internal pressure of the lithium-ion battery to increase; Lithium-ion battery electrolyte and harmful electrode materials are flammable materials.

Especially in the scene of power lithium-ion batteries, due to the unique characteristics of high total voltage and large working current required in the power field, thousands of single cells are often needed to be used in groups. At this time, battery safety issues become more prominent. For example, Tesla's car battery pack use thousands of lithium-ion battery. A large number of batteries are arranged compactly in a confined space. If some cells enter a thermal runaway state due to factors such as mechanical damage, thermal shock, internal short circuit, overcharge, etc., the temperature of surrounding cells will also rise, and then the thermal runaway will occur. Spread to the entire battery pack, and eventually cause disastrous consequences of the overall combustion and explosion. As far as the current battery material technology is concerned, this safety issue has not yet been entirely resolved. Therefore, the existing heat insulation, flame retardant and fire protection of lithium-ion batteries is an effective means to reduce the harm caused by thermal runaway of lithium-ion batteries.

Aerogels are currently known solid materials with the lowest thermal conductivity. The thermal insulation performance of aerogel insulation felts, thermal insulation panels, and thermal insulation papers can reach up to 5 times that of ordinary products, plus great fire and flame retardancy. , Soft impact resistance, sound insulation and noise reduction, etc., in addition to good promotion in the fields of industrial energy conservation, civil insulation, etc., with the development of the aerogel industry, the application of aerogel in the battery field has become more and more extensive.

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