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Causes of abnormal noise of roller bearings

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Roller bearings are precision products and generally do not appear abnormal noise in the process of use. However, some customers will find abnormal noise in bearings in the actual use process, so they worry about whether the quality of bearings is not good. There are many reasons for abnormal bearing noise. Today we are going to analyze it.
Causes of abnormal noise of roller bearings
Excitation vibration caused by changes in the number of rolling elements: When a bearing is subjected to radial load, the number of rolling elements carrying the load will change slightly during operation, resulting in load direction deviation. The resulting vibration is unavoidable, but can be reduced by axial preloading on all rolling elements. This method does not apply to cylindrical roller bearings.
Partial damage
Due to operation or installation errors, a small part of the bearing raceway and rolling element may be damaged. In operation, the damaged bearing parts will produce a specific vibration frequency; Vibration frequency analysis can identify damaged bearing components. The principle has been applied to condition monitoring equipment to monitor bearing damage.
Accuracy of relevant parts
When the inner and outer rings of the bearing are closely matched with the bearing seat or the transmission shaft, the inner and outer rings of the bearing may be deformed due to improper matching with adjacent parts. If deformation occurs, vibration may occur during operation.
Operating in a contaminated environment, impurities may enter the roller bearing and be crushed by the rolling element. The degree of vibration produced depends on the number, size, and composition of the foreign body. While this condition does not produce a typical frequency pattern, a disturbing noise can be heard.
Roller bearing inner ring and outer ring mating surface wear. Because of this wear, the matching relationship between bearing and housing, bearing and the shaft is destroyed, and the shaft deviates from the correct position. The shaft produces abnormal noise when moving at high speed. When the bearing is tired, the metal on its surface will peel off, which will also increase the radial clearance of the bearing and produce abnormal noise. In addition, bearing lubrication is insufficient, the formation of dry friction, bearing crushing will cause abnormal noise. Bearing wear and cage loosening and damage can also cause abnormal noise.
Therefore, the user must find out the cause of the abnormal noise and then take the corresponding solution.
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