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Tungsten trioxide is a kind of functional material with wide application prospects

wallpapers News 2021-02-05
Yellow tungsten oxide is tungsten trioxide (WO3), which is a functional material with wide application prospects. It has been systematically studied in aspects such as electrochromism, toxic gas detection and photochemical catalysis.
Yellow tungsten oxide electrochromic film is the most studied inorganic electrochromic film, and it is often used to assemble smart glass. It is generally believed that the new energy-saving building material WO3 electrochromic glass conforms to the policy of a constructive and economical society and can help alleviate environmental pollution and ecological damage.
Some experts use the WO3 film with nanocrystalline crystal structure as the electrochromic material, combined with the oxide ≤ (NiO) electrochromic material, to produce electrochromic glass with high spectral modulation amplitude.
The two materials, tungsten oxide and oxidation≤are both electrochromic materials, but the absorption spectra of the two change colors are different. Tungsten oxide nanocrystals are for near-infrared, and oxidation≤ is for visible light.
When the new smart glass is not charged, both materials are transparent. Both visible light and near-infrared can pass. Once the voltage is applied, the tungsten oxide nanocrystal network structure will be the first to charge to change the transmittance, thereby shielding the near-infrared. However, visible light can still pass through, which is called heat insulation mode, which can shield about 90% of near-infrared rays; continue to charge, and the next substrate will change the transmittance after oxidation. The visible light can be shielded together, which can shield about 80% of visible light. It is called shading mode.
This kind of smart glass can selectively absorb or reflect external heat radiation and internal heat diffusion under the action of earthquakes, reducing the large amount of energy that must be consumed by office buildings and residential houses to keep cool in summer and warm in winter. It is a modern energy-saving A major development direction of building materials.
The electrochromic effect of the yellow tungsten oxide material is due to the surface effect of the nanomaterial. Therefore, the oxygen ions on the surface of the WO3 grains have high activity and can migrate in the sample. Correspondingly, tungsten ions can be added Under the action of an electric field, it combines or separates with electrons, so that the sample changes color with the applied voltage.

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