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What Materials Are Mainly Used For High-Temperature Bearings?

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High-temperature bearings: First and foremost is the ability to withstand high temperatures. There are many types of high-temperature bearings. According to different needs and different environments, different types of bearings can be installed. The upper-temperature bearing can be divided into high temperature bearing with ordinary structure and high-temperature bearings with a unique structure. High-temperature bearings are widely used in high-temperature operating machinery such as metallurgy, kilns, glass, blast furnaces, and painting equipment.

Use heat-resistant bearing steel, also known as high-temperature bearing steel. This steel has high enough high-temperature hardness, and high temperature wears resistance, high-temperature contact fatigue strength, oxidation resistance, and high-temperature dimensional stability. The parts of the bearing are made of bearing steel and treated by high-temperature tempering, and the postcode is by the provisions of JB / T2974. Fire treatment, working temperature can reach 200 ° C, its code is / S1; parts are treated by high-temperature tempering, the operating temperature can reach 250 ° C, its system is / S2; parts are processed by high-temperature tempering, working temperature can be When the temperature reaches 300 ° C, the designation code is / S3; after the parts are tempered at high temperature, the working temperature can reach 350 ° C, and the designation code is / S4).

There are three main types of high-temperature bearing steel currently used:

(1) Cr4Mo4V (M50) steel is heat-resistant, bearing steel with excellent performance. It has high hardness and fatigue life at high temperatures. It is mainly used in aero engines and can work for a long time below 315 ℃. It can be used to 430 ℃ in a short time;

(2) Cr15Mo4 steel has high hardness and corrosion resistance in the range of 260 ~ 280 ℃, can produce corrosion-resistant bearings working below 480 ℃, such as used in jet engines and missiles;

(3) 12Cr2Ni3Mo5 (M315) is a widely used high-temperature carburized bearing steel, suitable for working below 430 ℃ and can be used to manufacture high-temperature bearings with complex shapes and withstand impact.

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