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Heating Method Of Spherical Roller Bearing

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Spherical roller bearings are bearings with drum-shaped rollers assembled between the inner ring with two raceways and the outer ring with spherical raceways.
Bulb heating method
Use a 50W electric bulb to heat the spherical roller bearing to ensure that the heating temperature is around 100°C. The smaller bearing can be placed directly on the bulb, and the larger bearing can be placed in the cone cover of the bulb, which can prevent the bulb heat Dissipate and make the heating uniform. The cone cover can be adjusted up and down. It can be adapted to heating bearings of different sizes within a certain range. If a far-infrared bulb is used, pay attention to the direction of the bulb downward to avoid infrared rays that are harmful to human eyes. The energy-saving bulb heating method is suitable for small quantities and not often needed; the occasions where the bearing needs to be heated, the bulbs can also be used for lighting, and no other equipment is needed;

Oil tank heating method
This is a widely used traditional heating method. A metal mesh is set at 50~70mm from the bottom of the oil groove, and the bearing is placed on the net. For large bearings, hooks should be used to lift the bearing. The bearing should not be placed directly at the bottom of the groove to prevent contact with the part of the bearing at the bottom of the groove. If the heating is too high, or the dirt deposited on the bottom of the groove enters the bearing oil groove, the points of attention for heating method are as follows. Non-corrosive mineral oil with good thermal stability should be used, preferably transformer oil. The oil and container should keep the capacity of the oil groove clean. It should be determined by the size and oil volume of the heated spherical roller bearing. If the container is too small, the temperature of the oil will drop quickly as soon as the bearing is put into the bearing during continuous operation, and the effect will not be good.

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