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A Brief History Of The Development Of Vanadium

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Vanadium powder is a silver-white metal. It is soluble in nitric acid, aqua regia and concentrated sulfuric acid. It is used as an additive for fast neutron reactor jacket materials, superconducting materials and special alloys. Need to be sealed.
Vanadium is a silver-gray metal. The melting point is 1919±2℃, which belongs to the list of rare metals with high melting point. Its boiling point is 3000-3400℃, and the density of vanadium is 6.11 grams per cubic centimeter.
Advantages of vanadium battery
The cost of vanadium batteries is similar to that of lead-acid batteries. It can also prepare megawatt-level battery packs and provide high-power for a long time. Therefore, vanadium batteries have incomparable cost-effective advantages in the field of large-scale energy storage with lithium-ion batteries and nickel-hydrogen batteries. The production process of vanadium batteries is simple, economical, and excellent in electrical performance. Compared with the complicated and expensive fuel cells, they are more competitive in the application prospects of large-scale energy storage or electric vehicle power supply.
A brief history
In 1830, the Swedish chemist Sefstrom N G (1787-1845.) was studying the iron ore in the Smaran mining area. He dissolved iron with acid and found vanadium in the residue. Because the color of the vanadium compound is colorful and very beautiful, the new element was named "Vanadium" by the name of a beautiful goddess named Vanadis "Vanadis" in ancient Greek mythology. The Chinese name is vanadium according to its transliteration. Sefstrom, Weiler, Bezelius and others have all studied vanadium and confirmed the existence of vanadium, but they have never isolated elemental vanadium. More than thirty years after Sefstrom discovered vanadium, in 1869, the British chemist Roscoe HE (Roscoe HE, 1833-1915) used hydrogen to reduce vanadium dioxide to obtain pure metallic vanadium for the first time.

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