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What is the structure of manganese dioxide? Is there any function?

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Structural characteristics of manganese dioxide
Manganese dioxide has a variety of polycrystalline structures, and there are also hydrated forms of manganese dioxide. Like many other dioxides, manganese dioxide crystallizes in a rutile structure (this polycrystalline phase is called pyrolusite or β-manganese dioxide), with a tri-coordinated oxide and an octahedral metal center. Manganese dioxide is an anamorphic compound in which there are oxygen deficiencies. The complex solid-state chemistry of this material is related to the "new preparation" of manganese dioxide in organic synthesis. α-Manganese dioxide has a very open structure. Its internal "channels" can hold metal atoms such as silver or barium. The alpha-manganese dioxide is commonly called manganese ore, which is named together with an associated mineral (barium ore).
The main function of manganese dioxide
Manganese dioxide is mainly used as a depolarizing agent in dry batteries. Manganese dioxide is also a very good decolorizing agent in the glass manufacturing industry. It can oxidize low-valent iron salts into high-iron salts and turn the blue-green in the glass into weak yellow. . Used in the electronics industry to make manganese-zinc ferrite magnetic materials. Used as a raw material for iron-manganese alloys in the steelmaking industry, and as a heat-increasing agent in the casting industry. An absorbent that acts on carbon monoxide in gas masks. In the chemical industry, it is used as an oxidant, a catalyst for organic synthesis, and a drying agent for paints and inks. It is also used as a combustion aid in the match industry, as a raw material for ceramics and enamel glazes and manganese salts. It is also used in fireworks, water purification and iron removal, medicine, fertilizer and textile printing and dyeing.
Electrolytic manganese dioxide is divided into ordinary type, alkaline manganese type and mercury-free alkaline manganese type. The ordinary type is suitable for zinc manganese batteries; the alkaline manganese type is suitable for alkaline zinc manganese batteries, and the mercury-free alkaline manganese type is suitable for alkaline zinc. A manganese dioxide battery.

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