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Your phone is being tracked - is it safe?

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Your smartphone allows hackers, fraudsters, companies and even law enforcement to track you and gain information about your whereabouts, both legal and illegal.
Your phone is being tracked - is it safe?
Your phone is being tracked by dozens of companies and agencies, and it's perfectly legal because when you download their app and implicitly (or explicitly) agree to their terms of service, you allow them to get that data from you.
While some companies give us legitimate reasons to track our phones, such as counting our steps or providing navigation, these companies (and, more importantly, the advertisers they rely on) now own personal and even life details that you might not want them to. These companies make most of their money by giving you free software in the hope of taking analytics data and selling it to the highest bidder.
Companies, governments and thieves have many ways to gain and use your location data and other important information about your life.
One way to track location is to use wireless signals to triangulate between cell towers, information technology experts say. Another way, they say, is to use the GPS radio on your phone to pinpoint your location.
Turning off your GPS
Turning off your GPS radio means you're telling your device not to share GPS data with apps you've installed on your device. At the very least, make sure your GPS location is not tracked when the app is down, as this practice is rarely justified.
Some phones have this as a separate setting, while others bundle it into menus like privacy or location Settings. Turning off the location function on your phone prevents your GPS from being activated, which in turn prevents it from providing your phone's location. On some phones, activating "airplane mode" also disables GPS.
On Apple's iPhone or iPad
Go to the phone's Settings TAB and select Privacy. From there, select location services. You'll see a number of applications that use location services. You can disable all location services by moving the slider at the top, or just for specific applications.
On Android
Open the App drawer, go to Settings, select location, and enter Google Location Settings. Here, you can turn off location reporting and location history. Location reports provide your location data to various apps, while location history stores your location for future use in software such as search and Google Now. You can also discard your entire location history by selecting "Delete Location History" under location History.
There are also situations where it's worth turning on your GPS
It's important to remember that many popular apps like Google Maps, Foursquare and more are quite dependent on accessing your location data to do their best -- turning off location services means losing some of your smartphone's features. But if you care deeply about your privacy, it might be worth it.
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