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Introduction to RT-PCR


What you need to know about RT-PCR

Introduction to RT-PCR:

RT-PCR is much simpler than the former. Its full name is reverse transcription PCR, or reverse transcription PCR. First of all, we need to be clear about what reverse transcription is. We generally call the process of genetic information flowing from DNA to RNA as transcription. On the contrary, the process of synthesizing DNA using RNA as a template is called reverse transcription. The general process of this technology is to first use RNA as a template to synthesize its corresponding cDNA under the action of reverse transcriptase, and then use the cDNA as a template to perform a common PCR process. In the final analysis, it is to add a reverse transcription process before the PCR process, after which we can use either ordinary PCR methods or qPCR for amplification. For example, viruses usually use RNA as their genetic material. We can only extract its RNA when we detect pathogens, so reverse transcription is required.


Other PCR techniques:

In fact, in addition to the several PCRs introduced above, there are now digital PCR technology, also called absolute quantification of nucleic acid molecules. Compared with fluorescence quantification, this technology is the absolute quantification of DNA number; as well as nested PCR and so on. But its essence is inseparable from the three steps of PCR mentioned at the beginning.


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