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What are Amazon FBA box size requirements?


Amazon sellers must pack the goods in accordance with Amazon FBA's box requirements. If it does not meet the requirements, it is likely to be returned by the Amazon warehouse, and the intermediate return fees will be borne by the seller, which is also a large fee. So in order not to incur unnecessary expenses, the seller must pay attention to these.

What are Amazon FBA box size requirements?

1. Unless the size of the goods transported in a single piece exceeds 63.5cm, the size of any side of the carton shall not exceed 63.5cm. If the carton size exceeds 63.5cm (if it is not portable), it must be placed on the standard 1000x1250mm pallet (the UK only) or 800x1200mm pallet (other European countries), unless the carton size of the single item exceeds the standard pallet size.

2. The size of the carton is selected to ensure that there is at least space for the goods to be put in. Space utilization can also be maximized through multiple boxes (goods are not damaged).

3. Cartons weighing more than 30kg must be placed on a single pallet (one pallet for each commodity sold) and need to be posted around the cartons 9). If the carton goods (such as furniture) sold in a single piece weighing more than 30kg, they usually need to be palletized. The warning label must be placed in the correct position around the carton.

4. FBA requires that the outer box be pasted with national standards; To distinguish goods. International style. The color shall be in accordance with the national logo sticker 9.18 (CS4) turn (1). The size of the British FBA national standard is a square with a side length of 4cm. The national standard is pasted on the upper right corner of the narrow side of each box of goods, two.

At the same time, the seller should also note that the goods must be packed in cartons to avoid product damage and unnecessary losses during transportation.

Of course, the seller can also choose the FBA dedicated freight forwarder, who will tell the seller the specific packaging requirements to avoid many unnecessary problems.

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