How to choose high-quality cemented carbide? What are the unknown secrets? calcium carbide for lamps

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Carbide, with its distinct solidity and wear resistance, plays a crucial duty in several commercial fields. However, with the dazzling array of cemented carbide items on the market, how to select premium concrete carbide? What are the unknown secrets in this? Next off, allow us reveal this enigma together.


To select top notch concrete carbide, we need to first understand its fundamental attributes. Sealed carbide is mainly made by mixing high-hardness tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, and other steel carbide powders with binders (such as cobalt, nickel, etc), after that pressing and sintering. Therefore, the performance of cemented carbide depends greatly on its structure proportion, sintering process, and subsequent processing.

When selecting, the first point we ought to focus on is the make-up of cemented carbide. High-quality cemented carbide needs to have a practical ratio of carbides to binders to ensure enough hardness, durability, and strength. In addition, for sealed carbide for specific purposes, such as cutting devices, molds, and so on, the included trace elements and alloying elements need to be considered to additional enhance its performance.

The impact of the sintering procedure on the residential properties of concrete carbide is also crucial. Top notch cemented carbide must embrace sophisticated sintering procedures, such as vacuum sintering, warm press sintering, and so on, to ensure the uniformity and density of its interior structure. These innovative sintering processes can remove flaws and holes within the product and improve the stamina and wear resistance of cemented carbide.


Along with structure and innovation, the succeeding processing of cemented carbide is similarly essential. As an example, heat treatment, surface area therapy, and various other processes can further enhance the performance and service life of cemented carbide. Consequently, when choosing, we should likewise pay attention to the quality and level of these processing techniques.

So, exist any unknown choice tricks? The answer is yes.

First, observe the look of concrete carbide. The surface area of high-quality concrete carbide must be smooth, crack-free, pore-free, and even in color. If there are obvious defects or irregular color externally, it is likely a good-quality product.


Second, touch the carbide to listen for the audio. High-grade carbide has a crisp, enjoyable noise when struck, while poor-quality items may generate plain or loud noises. This is because the inner structure of high-grade cemented carbide is thick and uniform, which can generate great sound resonance.

Third, recognize the maker and brand name of the item. Well-known concrete carbide manufacturers usually have actually progressed production devices and procedures and can produce top notch concrete carbide items. Therefore, when picking, we can give top priority to items from these brands.


Of course, selecting top quality concrete carbide likewise requires to be incorporated with certain usage requirements and scenarios. Different application circumstances have different performance requirements for cemented carbide, so we need to select ideal cemented carbide items based upon real requirements.


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